Upcoming Fishing Competitions

Whether you are into fishing or not, fishing events are fun and exciting to attend, with many activities to take part in. This list provides information on the most popular fishing events taking place throughout Australia.

GAMEX – 18-26 March

GAMEX is seen as Western Australia’s most prestigious fishing event, and this year will mark the 54th anniversary of the event. They have been responsible for more national and world records than any other Australian tournament. The event showcases Exmouth’s world-class sport and game fishing options, with over 40 different point-scoring games available to take part in.

The event spans over eight days, and there will be over 27 individual prize sections. The event features six days of tournament fishing. Still, there are also other activities and micro-events to take part in, including social nights, family fun, special guests, and fishing clinics and demonstrations. Exmouth Game Fishing Club will host the event.

Derby Buccaneer Classic Fishing Competition – April 2022

Derby Buccaneer Classic Fishing Competition - Upcoming Fishing Competitions

The Derby Buccaneer Classic Fishing Competition takes place each year and is hosted by Mary Island Fishing Club. The competition features the ultimate four-day fishing experience held amongst the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Although there is no set date yet, it will be announced soon with different types of fishing throughout the competition.

Carner-Fin – 30 May to 5 June 2022

The Carnar-Fin is hosted by the Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce and stands as an annual fishing competition open to all recreational anglers and has been operating Each year since 1992 in the last week of May. The competition incorporates the June long weekend to provide an easy way for more people to attend and get a whole experience of the competition.

Shark Bay Fishing Fiesta – May 2022

Shark Bay Fishing Fiesta - Upcoming Fishing Competitions

The Shark Bay Fishing Fiesta is hosted by the Shark Bay Fishing Club each year during May. This annual fishing fiesta is a popular event for anglers and their families. Each year over 1000 attendees show up to the event to participate in all the festivities and micro-events.

The event is well known to be one of the most exciting fishing events each year throughout Australia and provides a lot of fun to anglers.

These events are perfect for recreational, professional, competitive, and amateur anglers to participate in competitions, learn more about angling, and enjoy a great fishing experience.

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