Top Fishing Destinations in Australia

These are some of the most exciting destinations for any angler in the world. Here you can catch rare fish in beautiful settings.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns Queensland is at the top of this list for a good reason. You can catch a black marlin with ease, and not only them but almost any other gamefish species you can think of. North Queensland stands out from cairns northwards along the Great Barrier reef, which is home to the black marlin.

Fishing here is exhilarating, and up to 70 per cent of all black marlin are caught in these waters each year, which provides a dream come experience for most anglers.

Cape York Queensland

Cape York presents anglers with the ultimate experience in fishing adventure. The destination is only accessible with a reliable four-wheel-drive vehicle but is sure to be worth the effort. Not only is it the perfect fishing destination, but it’s got crystal clear water, pristine beaches, islands, rivers and is rich with fish you can only dream of catching.

Most tourists opt to fly into Cape York due to the heavy drive to get to Bamaga. The flight will take about two hours instead of a multi-day endeavour. By flying, you will have a lot more time to fish and experience one of the perfect fishing spots in the world.

Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth borders the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. It is the world’s largest fringing reef and one of the most diverse fishing destinations in the world. The water is clear and surrounds the remote town of Exmouth.

You can expect to catch exciting and beautiful fish such as Milkfish, bonefish, blue bone, cobia, wahoo, and much more. It’s the perfect destination for gamefish, and these waters include 6 of Australia’s billfish species, including all sailfish and broadbill swordfish.

Central Highlands, Tasmania

The Central Highlands are known to have over 3000 lakes to use for fishing and is one of the top spots for trout fishing, especially in Australia. Trouts can be extremely rewarding to catch as they don’t let go too easily; they put up a fight and create a challenge for any calibre of angler.

With some of the lakes only being accessible by foot, you are sure to have a challenging yet exciting experience.

As these are popular fishing destinations, your chances of catching a fishing competition are highly possible.

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