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With a love and passion for fishing all over the spectrum, we share knowledge and thoughts on fishing in a recreational and professional manner. There are many ways to look at fishing, including sport.

Fishing is prevalent throughout the world, especially for recreational purposes such as reef fishing. But commercial fishing is also at the forefront of popularity as it could be a great business to get into.

We supply vital information on all things fishing. Visit Doongara Fishing and Charters blog frequently, and you will always be up to date on what is going on with fishing in Australia.

Fishing in Australia

Australia is one of the top countries when it comes to the activity and sport of fishing. Going out on deep-sea charters are also enjoyed by locals and tourists and could also be used with fishing. For the ultimate guide on where you should go fishing in Australia and Australia’s history with fishing, visit this blog frequently.

Events and Competitions

Events and Competitions - About

Events and Competitions are hosted worldwide, but Australia presents some of the most exciting competitions and smaller events for anglers to attend, watch, or participate in. With a passion for fishing, we love to provide knowledge on upcoming competitions and how to get the most out of them.

These competitions are not just about having fun, there are prizes, and some anglers may catch a fish that breaks size records. Attending these events even if you are not interested in fishing can still provide a lot of entertainment and relaxation, plus you may find a new hobby or sport to introduce into your life. Visit us frequently and learn all about which events to attend in Australia.

Tours, Products, and Services

Charter tours can be an excellent way for tourists to enjoy the open waters of Australia while also taking a hit at catching some fish. We provide vital information on companies who offer tours, what they charge and what services they provide the public.

As with any sport or recreational activity, products play an essential role in how successful you will be as a beginner. Having the right fishing equipment is necessary.

Visit Doongara Fishing and Charters frequently for product reviews, information on fishing in Australia, and competitions and events.