Australian Fishing Blogs

Australian Fishing Blogs - Australian Fishing Blogs

Fishing is one of Australia’s most popular outdoor activities for a good reason. Australia’s got it all: clear waters, pristine beaches, rivers, reefs. By visiting any of the blogs on this list, you will stay up to date on all the latest insights and advice into fishing in Australia.

These blogs are some of the most trusted blogs about fishing in Australia. Visit these blogs for important information on fishing in Australia and which products are needed as a beginner.

Australian Fishing Trade Association Blog –

AFTA stands as the peak national body representing the country’s fishing trade secret. AFTA dedicates itself to ensuring a robust futuristic outlook into the industry. They advocate on behalf of their members on several critical topics of grave concern. Their topics include marine parks and supertrawlers.

Fishing Station –

Fishing STATION Blog is situated in Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia. The Fishing Station blog releases trip reports and blog posts on action fishing, adventure, and fish. Find gear reviews, advice on bait, and all of this from passionate fishermen who run a fishing tackle shop.

This is one of the best Australian blogs for being up to date on fishing equipment and gear.

Fishing Australia-

The blog is run by Rob Paxevanos who is a fishing expert residing in Australia. It stands as the country’s longest-running fishing show and one of the most popular. The show covers all aspects of fishing, including techniques and more.

With fishing being an important part of the economy when looking at commercial fishing and the most popular activity with recreational fishing, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest fishing news. These blogs will provide the perfect way to stay in the know of everything that is happening in Australia with recreational and commercial fishing.

Product reviews and advice on fishing is important to read when starting out with fishing. These blogs will provide vital knowledge on the best fishing tackle and how to cast your line professionally.