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If you share a love and passion for angling, you may be eligible to start writing for our blog. To write for us, you would need to have a genuine ability and knowledge of the products used in deep-sea fishing, fishing methods, and the popularity of fishing in Australia.

As we are dedicated to only supplying reliable and honest information on the fishing industry and the sport and recreational use of the activity, you would need to have experience in fishing in Australia.

We are focused on the Australian fishing market, which means that you would need to reside in Australia or have knowledge of fishing spots in the country. Australia is well known for being one of the most popular countries for fishing and has some of the most legendary spots for anglers from around the world.

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The fishing activity brings many tourists, so articles need to be highly knowledgeable and information towards locals and tourists. Due to our readers being beginners and professionals in fishing, it’s essential to know that you will need to write informative articles for both those audiences.

You will need to send us examples of your work, prove that you have experience writing articles specifically on fishing in Australia, and give information on your knowledge about fishing.

Professional skills in the English language, grammar, and punctuation is of utmost importance when considering joining our team of writers. All applicants will be tested, and tests may be required to fill out.

To find out more about how you can become part of the Doongara Fishing and Charters writing team, contact us and learn how you can proceed. We have an abundance of writers doing their best to provide angling enthusiasts with the best quality writing.

Contact us today and find out if you can work with our team to cover fishing and deep-sea fishing topics.